Vatican Museum (Sistine Chapel)

We meet at the entrance of the Vatican Museum.
See the Laocoon statue, the egyptian museum, the etruscan museum, continue in the tapestries gallery, with its unique trompe-l’oeil ceiling, continue to the geografic maps gallery, the room of the immaculate conception, then the fabulous Raphael rooms, where to admire « the School of Athens », masterpiece by Raphael, then after crossing the Borgia rooms, we’ll take a little break for a capuccino in that tiny little courtyard next to the Sistine chapel, so to be ready to see the work by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel: The ceiling, painted in four years, The last jugment.

continue into S. Peter s Basilica to see the famous Pieta,by Michelangelo, the canopy by Bernini and all the incredible woks by so many artists. After seeing the swiss guards, we stop in S.Peter’s square for the last pictures.


1-4 persons250
5-7 persons270
8-12 persons300
Large group400

DirectLine (USA): 01139-3356157303
CELL PHONE: 3356157303

Please note:

  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Please note: entrance fee is not included.
  • Entrance to the Vatican museum: 40 euro per person.
  • Payment can be made in dollars or euro.

Commission 4,5% to be added