Your driver will pick you up at your hotel, the tour takes you along the legendary antique Appian way, till the famous San Sebastian Catacombs, your guide will take you down to the burial ground of the early christians and explore its underground tunnels that form like a labirinth, see where the body of S. Peter was kept, continue to the little basilica dedicated to S.Sebastian before driving back to your hotel.


1-4 persons350
5-6 persons400
7-16 persons550
17-25 persons700
Large bus (up to 50 persons)900

DirectLine (USA): 01139-3356157303
CELL PHONE: 3356157303

Please note:

  • this tour includes transportation and a catacomb guide.
  • entrance fee is not included
  • Entrance to the catacombs: 8 euro per person.
  • payment can be made in dollars or euro.

Commission 4,5% to be added